Banoffee Pie And Why I Enjoy Baking

After so many people asking for me to share my recipes and with much thought I have decided to go ahead and start a little food blog and just see what happens with it. Yeah I am sure the only people who are going to read this is close family and friends but really I am not that concerned with it either way.  
Growing up I loved to cook, maybe it was because my mother was always baking something delicious in the kitchen. She would have us kids hand milling the wheat berries so that she could bake cinnamon rolls for us. Oh, how I hated sitting there with fresh flour all over the counter and my jeans. Once you took the first bite into the fresh cinnamon roll that was still warm from the oven I would forget about how tired my arm was from milling the wheat. I could never let the rolls cool so that the home made icing wouldn’t melt and run down the sides.
I decided to start you off with one of my favorite things to make Banoffee Pie. You are asking yourself if I spelled that correctly I am sure right now. This pie has some of the most mouth watering flavors all into one dish yet it is so light and fluffy I promise you will want to eat the whole pie yourself. Please try to refrain from doing this though, everyone else in your household will be very angry if you scarfed down the whole thing and did not at least give them one bite. 
Graham Crackers of choice – use two sleeves of them for a good amount of crust
Butter- 1 stick non salted
Heavy Cream- 16 oz
Sugar- 4 tbsp
Vanilla Extract- 2 tbsp
Condensed Milk – 1 can sweetened
Bananas-  3 large 
First thing is first take a big pot and fill it with water and bring it to a boil. While doing this take off the label of the condensed milk and then place it in the pot, make sure that the can is fully submerged in water. Let this boil for 2.5 hours  but make sure that it is fully submerged in water the whole time. You can always boil more then one at a time and save it for up to a month before using. 
While the condensed milk is boiling place the graham crackers into your food processor and blend till it is at a sand like consistency, then add your melted butter to this and press into a pie pan.
If you do not have a food processor you can always just throw the graham crackers into a plastic bag and smash it up, I have done this many time before and it turns out fine still.  Place your crust into the oven set at 350 for about 10 mins just so that it firms up. Take it out of the oven and set it aside to cool.
Once you have boiled the condensed milk make sure that it is cooled before you open it. Once opened stir it up to get it to a nice creamy consistency.
Once the Graham cracker crust has cooled you can cut up all of your bananas and put them into the pie crust. There is no wrong or right amount of bananas, if you really like them go ahead and put some more in! Indulge a little, I mean you are making a pie might as well put as many bananas in it as you want.
I always get a bit side tracked here when I am putting the bananas into the pie crust.  I have a bit of a love for bananas, not really eating them right after being pealed, I find biting into a banana is a bit weird and mushy that i just don’t like. Take that banana though and mix it with some sugar and place it on some toast with peanut butter and I will love you forever. My father used to sit up late and watch M.A.S.H.  and I fondly remember him making peanut butter and banana sandwiches for me and him to eat. I never liked watching that show, probably because I was so young, but I did love the sandwiches. So this is my rant about how if you have some left over bananas I highly suggest you toasting some bread and making yourself a peanut butter and banana sandwich.
On with the next step, pour that toffee goodness out of the can into the pie crust. Make sure that you try to save all of the licking of the spoon till after you have gotten the majority of the toffee out of the can or at least don’t let anyone know you have been licking the spoon.

With your food processor pour the whole 16 oz of heavy cream into it and start it, while it is slowing processing put in the vanilla and the sugar until it has created stiff peaks. Spoon out the most delicious tasting whipped cream onto your pie, make sure to save at least one spoonful to eat just for yourself.
I always feel like a kid again when I am licking the beaters on the food processor, it is like a reward for the hard work that I put into making my creation. 
Now you can leave it just as it is or you can go one step further.
Wait what am I talking about, you can’t stop there we are missing the best part, chocolate. This wouldn’t be the best tasting thing in the world without a bit of chocolate on top, now would it?! You can drizle some chocolate on top, then some straight into your mouth and then what the heck, put more on the pie while your at it. 
I say that the pie is best after it has set in the fridge for at least 2 to 3 hours. I am sorry to say though that my pie never lasts that long in my house. I have to make at least 2 pies, one to be eaten right away and one to set for the 2 to 3 hours.
So hope that you enjoyed this first little blog I know the photos are pretty bad and I will have to actually take out my camera to take better photos of things next time instead of using my cellphone. 

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