Smoothie Sunshine

I really enjoy drinking smoothies in the morning, they really seem to help wake me up and get me going even better then a cup of coffee. Smoothies do not keep me from drinking at least a whole pot of coffee a day but they are still a good way of getting some fresh fruits and veggies in early in the morning. Green smoothies are really something that everyone is into right now and yes I have to say that I am also one of those people but this recipe is not for a green smoothie. I save my all fruit smoothie days to be for the weekend so that it is like a treat as soon as I wake up in the morning. 


Oranges – 2

Bananas – 2

Cantaloupe – 2 handfulls

Vanilla extract 




Look how beautiful those fruits look! Sometimes I purchase a few cantaloupes at a time because they are on sale at the store and so I go ahead and cut them all up and put them in plastic containers to be placed in the freezer so I can use them at later times. To make your Smoothie even creamier  you can also cut up a few pealed bananas and put them in the freezer also. I like to have some bananas cut and in the freezer anyways so that I can make some Guiltless Ice Cream out of it. Today though I just had some bananas though that were sitting on my counter so I used them instead.

First thing go ahead and cut up all of your fruits and place them in the blender. I had a bit of a issue today because pealed the orange and place it in the blender and then noticed that it had seeds still in it and so I had to take it back out and get the seeds out. Make sure the oranges that you are using either doesn’t have seeds in them or that you take them out before. You really don’t want to be drinking the smoothie and then get a see, I have done it before and I kinda choked a second on it even.  Pour some water in it and then blend it up well.


This is another one of those things that I don’t measure but I look at to see how the consistency is and decide if I need to add more water or not. You can decide if you want the smoothie to be thicker or if you want to have it more of like a morning juice drink to side with your Egg Sandwich on Fresh Bread. You can choose whatever you would like on that.


I always taste my smoothie with a straw before I pour it out of the blender and I felt like it was missing something. I stood there for a while just looking at it like the smoothie was going to tell me what else it needed in it to make it complete. I took another sip of it to see if I could taste what it was missing. I finally was standing there with a jar of peanut butter in one hand and my vanilla extract in the other trying to decide what to put in it. Now this is something that might sound a bit weird but it is the only way I ever am able to decide on what item needs to be added to something. I had opened the jar or peanut butter  and started smelling it, yeah I already know what it smells like, and then smelled the smoothie. HMMM smelled good but wasn’t what I was thinking about adding to it. I moved on and did the same thing with the vanilla extract. That was the winner! The smells seemed to just fit together so well! So I poured a bit of the vanilla in it and blended it well one more time before pouring it in my reusable cup and enjoyed the taste. 


I have heard of people putting milk in it instead of water but I really enjoy leaving the milk out of my smoothies and letting all the flavors of the fruits do the work instead of covering them up with milk. 


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