Healthy Peanut Butter Green Smoothie

Since I have been on bit of a smoothie kick lately because it has really been making me feel so good and awake in the morning I decided that I would share something that I really like. I love peanut butter and if I can find a way to put it in something I will. I heard of some people putting it in their green smoothies and at first I thought that this was a pretty crazy idea because I would have never thought of that. I gave it a go anyhow thinking that I would just chug it even if I didn’t enjoy it just because I need to get more greens in my life.



Spinach – 2 cups

Banana – 1

StrawBerry – 4

Peanut Butter – 1 spoonful


Ice – add after everything is blended.

Like with all smoothies that I make I don’t really measure it that much because you can adjust the amount of each thing to make if fit your taste a bit more and if you would like you can even add a bit of honey to it as well to give it some more sweetness to it. I find that without it though the sweetness from the peanut butter is good enough for me. I have tried it with honey and it does give it a added kick that is great but I was trying to limit this because it just makes me want more sweet things later.

To get the spinach blended really well you want to add it with the water first so that it breaks it up really well so you don’t get a chunk of it stuck in your straw. Make sure you do this because I didn’t and got a bit frustrated when my straw got clogged with the yummy spinach.  Once you have that blended nicely go ahead and all the rest of the ingredients and blend again. You really do not need more then 1 spoonful of the peanut butter though because the taste of it really stands out and masks the rest of the ingredients. I have also learned that you want to add the ice LAST after you blended everything else up so that it makes the smoothie frosty and icy without watering it down too much because then you end up with something that is more of a juice drink instead. If you want that though you can do that instead and have it like a juice.


I have even been thinking of doing a 7 day juice / smoothie cleanse because of how awesome I have felt lately just with the ones I have added to my diet. We will see about that I am not promising anything with that it has just been a thought.





One thought on “Healthy Peanut Butter Green Smoothie

  1. Hey I was just wondering what kind of peanut butter you use. I read your peanut butter gronala recipe too. In it you said about how you didn’t like thinking you were eating something healthy when in reality it wasn’t as healthy as you thought. Make sure you read the ingredients in your peanut butter. Mainstream brands like jiffy will add partially or fully hydrogenated oil to their products. This keeps the oils from separating. However, trans-fat is really molecularly more sticky and sticks to your heart arteries more so than the other fats. Even if the nutritional facts says 0g trans-fat, if there is any partially or fully hydrogenated oil it has trans-fat. From one health nut to another.

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