Egg Puff Pancakes with Fruit

Trying to do new things with some recipes that are already done is sometimes a bit of a trick. I am not sure if anyone has done this already maybe they have but I really didn’t feel like taking the time to search and see if they did or not this morning. I have made Egg Puff Pancakes before and this time I added protien powder in place of the flour and it still turned out very good. 


Butter – for skillet

Eggs – 3

Almond Milk – 1/2 cup

Protein Powder – 2 scoops





Maple Syrup

Powdered Sugar

Mix all of the ingredients to make the Pancake together and then pour into a buttered skillet and bake at 425 deg for about 15 mins or until the mixture has become puffed and browned. Sometimes when I am running a bit late on leaving the house I will first put the skillet onto the stove to get the bottom of the pancake cooked a bit before finishing cooking it in the oven so that it puffs more. Both ways work fine and come out tasting good. 

Take whatever fruit that you would like and then put it on top of it and add maple syrup and powdered sugar, or leave both of those out and just eat with the fruit on top.


Now this one I did I bit different I placed the blue berries after I cooked the bottom of it on the stove so that the top was still not done. The berries were then cooked into the pancake once I placed it in the oven for the top to finish cooking. It doesn’t look as pretty as the one with the fruit on top but it sure did taste good with the blue berries baked into it.



5 thoughts on “Egg Puff Pancakes with Fruit

  1. iamcorgi here. I made this and the previous shake and boy were you right they taste awesome. A bit too much for me to eat though.

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