Stovetop Apple Butter


I have really wanted to make some Apple Butter for a while but I was waiting till I got my Ninja Kitchen System since my old blender finally died on me. I am really glad that I finally got it also, I always thought that a blender was just a blender. Boy was I wrong, the Ninja is wonderful at blending things to a smooth texture, beat egg whites so that they are nice and fluffy in no time, and even make ice into the soft snow cone ice! The cleaning on it is also something that is fast. Lets just say that it has helped me out in the kitchen a lot, before I was hand beating egg whites until my arm was about to fall of. 

I have been craving a Apple Butter Grilled Cheese Sandwich really bad so I decided I would make my own Apple Butter sine I had some left over apples in the fridge that just was not getting eaten fast enough. I searched through some recipes and realized I didn’t have any apple cider vinegar  and also that I did not want to put a cup of sugar into the apples while I was cooking them. I did however have some apple cider packets from over the winter and decided to give it a try anyways to see what would happen.


Apple Cider – 2 packets

Apples – 6 cut into chunks 

Lemon – half

Water – 1 cup

Vanilla – 2 Tbsp


First take the apples and cut them up into chunks so that they will cook easily  and put them into a big pot and cut a lemon in half and squeeze the juice onto them. I got some lemon juice in my eye so you might want to make sure you do not make that mistake because it really is no fun at all. I should have remembered this because of the years of bartending and having to cut lemons and limes all of the time. Man would I hate cutting and hand juicing the juice when prepping the bar before opening. That was really the worst part for me, even though I did really enjoy the bar that made me do this because it was a really cute little place and I really loved the other bartender who I worked with, he was pretty much my big brother and we made a great team. He dealt with all the drunk people who got out of hand and I would bat my eyes and get the patrons to drink and tip more.


Anyways back to the Apple Butter! You will want to mix the packets of apple cider into a cut of warm water before pouring into the big pot with apples in it.


Once you get it all together mix it well and turn the heat up so that it starts to boil. Once it has started to boil you will turn the heat down to a simmer and cover with a lid for about 30 mins but make sure to keep checking on it every now and then and stir it.


You will see as it starts to turn from the bright colors that it was and start becoming dark and smell very rich.


Make sure to keep stirring it and then add the vanilla and let it keep simmering until most of the liquid is gone.


Once that happens you can turn off the heat and let cool before transferring it to your blender and blending it to the consistency that you want it to be.

You now have some amazing Apple Butter that you can use for your Apple Butter Griller Cheese Sandwich or to just spread on some toast if you are not that daring. One really great thing to put it on is pork or just use it in something that you are baking, the options are endless with it. Just try not to eat it all with a spoon right after making it!



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