Turkey Bacon Egg Cheese and Apple Butter Sandwich

Since I made my Apple Butter the other day I had to make a breakfast sandwich to use it on. This really is the kind of breakfast that will fill you up as well as taste really amazing with the melted cheese coming together with the Apple Butter. I can’t even tell you about how amazing cheese and apple butter taste together, it really is something that you just have to taste on your own



Bacon – 4 pieces

Eggs – 2

Bread – 2 slices

Apple Butter



I guess this post might not be the most exciting thing to read nor is it something that is very hard to make, it really is just a egg and cheese sandwich with bacon and apple butter on it. Maybe this post is really just telling you about something that you can use the Apple Butter on that we made in the previous post.

I like to fry my eggs for this since I enjoy the yolk to be runny in my sandwich but for this I cooked the yolk all the way since I made this for someone else to eat.


Next cook the bacon  on the skillet that you are using, I used turkey bacon for this but you can also use just bacon for it. I really love the flavor of bacon, not so much bacon itself, I think if I could just scoop the grease of bacon and put it in everything I cook I would do it. Wait, I kinda already do that!


While the bacon is cooking you can toast the bread with butter on the outside and the spread the apple butter on the inside. It took everything I could not to just eat the apple butter  out of the container after spreading some on the bread. I did however eat a few slices of cheese though while assembling the sandwich. I kinda did the “one me you and one for me” method on the cheese so I guess eating 2 slices of cheese before 8 am isn’t the worst thing in the world.



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