Yummy Potstickers

I never had potstickers before I had come to New York but the first time I did have them I pretty much fell in love with the taste and the dipping sauce that went with them. This one little place in the city has the best ones I have ever eaten. It was a tiny little place that seamed to be just a little family who worked at it and I am pretty sure the one time I went in that the lady who was working there really didn’t like it when I asked for some extra sauce. They are really stingy with the sauce and that is pretty sad because it is one of my favorite parts of the whole meal.


I decided that it couldn’t be too hard to make these little things, I have already made so much other types of food. I figured that the hardest part would be to make the skins that you use to wrap around the filling. I really was wrong about that part. Making the skins was probably the easiest part of the whole processes, I did have another set of helping hands though to fill them after I had rolled them out to make it go a bit faster.


Makes 32


Flour – 2 cups

Boiling Water – 1 cup 

Canola Oil – 1 tsp








Soy Sauce – 1/4 cup

Brown Sugar – 1/4 cup

Grape Jelly – 1 spoonful

White Vinegar – 1 tsp

Red Chili Pepers 

I am sorry I didn’t measure how much of the filling I used I kinda just threwsome of everything into my food processor until it was all mixed together.

Making the dough is very simple in a large bowl place the flower and then pour in the boiling water and oil and mix it well as you can with a spoon then you can just use your hands and get the rest of it mixed together. Don’t worry the water will cool off pretty fast and you wont burn your hands. Take the dough and kneed for about 5 minutes or until it is smooth and then wrap in plastic wrap and set aside for about 15 minutes.

While the dough is sitting you can make the mixture of the filling by throwing it all into a food processor until it has all been combined well.

Once the dough has rested for 15 minutes you can then take a pinch of it off, about 1 spoon full size of dough and roll out, make sure to try to make the edges a bit thinner since you will be pinching these together. Then take a spoonful of  the filling and place in the middle of the dough and then pinch the edges together. Don’t worry if they do not look perfect, you are just going to eat them anyways. I could never get the dough to roll out into a perfect circle!

When you have them all assembled you can either freeze them (make sure you place them on a plate not toughing when you freeze them before putting them in a plastic bag), or you can go ahead and cook them.

Take a tablespoon of oil and put in your non stick pan and heat it up, then place the potstickers in the pan and start cooking them. Once the bottoms have gotten lightly browned pour 1/2 cup of water into the pan and  cover so that the steam will then cook them the rest of the way. Make sure that you do not have them touching when you are cooking them or they will all stick together.

I made my own dipping sauce for them as well out of what I had at home and it was amazingly sweet and spicy. Take all of the sauce ingredients and put in a small pan until it starts to boil, make sure to keep stirring it so it doesn’t burn. 



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