Apple Butter Glazed Pork

I grew up having a lot of animals, some that we had were just pets and others were raise so that they could be eaten. We always had at least two freezers full of meat at all times, some was deer meat from hunting and the rest was from the animals that we would butcher. We had hogs for a while and I really never missed them once we butchered them. We did have a lot of pork to eat though after they were gone which was very nice. I loved smelling the pork chops as he would cook them in a skillet and then have them covered in gravy.

Here is a picture of me and one of our cows having a calf late one night. Maybe you didn’t want to see that since this is a food blog but oh well.


I went to the store the other day and there was a big pork loin sitting there and I just had to get it and take it home and cut it up. Now we have a good bit of pork sitting in our freezer here at home. I wanted to do something this time though with the pork instead of just pan frying it though and since I have a good bit of Apple Butter that I made I decided to use it in this recipe. 



Pork – 4 loin chop

Onion – 1 large chopped

Garlic – 3 cloves sliced


Apple Butter – 1/4 cup

Worcestershire Sauce – 5 tbsp

Brown Sugar – 2 tbsp

Take the pork and and salt and pepper it on both sides and make small cuts into it so that you can place the garlic slices inside it. Place the pork in a baking dish (I line mine with foil to make a easier clean up) and place the sliced onions on top.


Then mix the ingredients for the sauce in a bowl and then it can be poured on top of the pork.


Cover with foil and then place it into a 350˚ pre-heated oven for about 30 minutes.  Then serve with whatever side that you would like. I made some garlic rubbed roasted cabbage but I forgot to take pictures of it after it was cooked.




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