Honey Dew Smoothie


I was at the grocery store early the other morning and saw them putting the first hone dew melons out. I was so excited and grabbed a nice sized one and stuffed it in my hand basket that was already full of other fruits and veggies. Once I had gotten home I immediately took it and cut it up into pieces and froze half of it and put the other half into a container in the refrigerator so that I could snack on it. 

Once the part that was in the freezer was frozen I decided it was time that I should make a nice refreshing smoothie with it.


Honey Dew – 2 cups frozen cut up

Banana – 1 

Water – 1 cup

Vanilla – 1 tsp 


Throw the honey dew, banana, vanilla and water into a blender and blend until it is smooth, if you enjoy a thick smoothie this will be great, or you can put some more water into it so that it is a bit thinner and easier to drink. Add the ice and blend at the end so that it will have a frothy texture to it, if you put everything in the blender at the same time and over blend it you will not have this.  This smoothie is very light and refreshing tasting and is something I love to have for a sweet snack that fills you up.  Also if you freeze a sliced up banana before you put it in the smoothie it will create a texture of a ice-cream shake without having the extra calories packed in it when you are trying to get ready for summer.



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