Fluffy Doughnuts

Doughnuts are something that I think everyone loves, I mean who doesn’t enjoy a fluffy pastry that is covered in sugar!? Well like I said before I use baking as a way to calm down and this weekend I did so much baking. Along with the Bagels I also made Doughnuts and let me tell you that they were gone by the next day.


Active Dry Yeast – 3 packets

Hot Water – 1/2 cup

Milk Scalded and cooled – 2 1/4 cups

Sugar – 3/4 cup

Eggs – 3

Shortening – 1/2 cup

Flour – 7 1/2 cups

Canola Oil – for frying


Powdered sugar



Vanilla Extract

Mix the yeast and the hot water together and then let rest for 10 minutes, during this scald the milk on the stove or you can do it in the microwave as well and then let cool.  Mix togehter the eggs, shortening, sugar, milk, and yeast mixture with 3 cups of flour. Mix for about 2 minutes scraping the sides down. Once that has been combined well add the remaining flour until it is smooth and then place in a  oiled bowl, cover and set aside for a hour  until dough has doubled in size.  Roll out  and cut into doughnuts or just use a clean glass to press down and make a nice circle shape without the hole in the middle. Set the cut out parts aside and let rise for 30 more minutes.


You then will heat the Canola oil and fry the doughnuts about 30 seconds on each side, my oil was a bit too hot so they turned out a bit darker then expected but still had a wonderful taste to them.  The idea is that when you take the dough out of the oil that is is almost dry like, you do not want it to be soaked with oil, if it is soaked feeling then you will want to increase the heat of the oil. Once they are all fried you can then dip them in the icing and set on a wire rack. 

With the icing I don’t measure it, it is mostly powder sugar  and butter with just a splash of milk and vanilla, you will just have to work with it a bit adding a bit more sugar or milk to reach the thick consistency  to go on the doughnuts.


Sorry that I didn’t end up taking more pictures of these while I was making them. I guess I just got too carried away with cooking and forgot to take the photos. I will not let that happen again. These are so wonderful that you will wonder why you have been buying doughnuts from specialty shops this whole time and why not making them yourself. 


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