French Toast Sandwich with Apple Butter and Bacon

We have been on a bit of a french toast kick here at my house lately, I think I have made at least 1 whole loaf of bread into french toast just in the past 3 days. Normally on the weekends for breakfast I do pancakes, chocolate pancakes, cinnamon roll pancakes, fruit and pancakes, really just whatever I feel like doing with them for the day. I end up making so many of them that we will have them for lunch also. 


Bread – 2 pieces

Egg – 1

Milk – a splash



Apple Butter

Bacon – as much as you want

Mix the egg, milk, cinnamon, and sugar together in a bowl and then soak two pieces of bread in it. Make sure both sides are coated with the mixture and then place it on your cast iron skillet. Cook each side of the bread until done then spread the apple butter on the pieces and set aside. Cook as much bacon as you want to, some people love bacon and I don’t blame you if you are one of those people. I ended up putting 6 pieces of bacon on this. Once the bacon is cooked place it between the french toast that has the apple butter on it and enjoy. The sweet taste from the french toast and apple butter mixes so well with the salty taste o the bacon. You can even go ahead and pour some maple syrup on it and use a knife and fork if you want as well but we didn’t do that this time. 



2 thoughts on “French Toast Sandwich with Apple Butter and Bacon

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