Kiwi Melon Slushy / Smoothie

honeydew melons

honeydew melons (Photo credit: srqpix)




I always have fruits cut up and stored in containers in the freezer, I enjoy the taste of my smoothies when the fruits are frozen and it also allows me to buy some things in bulk and have them keep so I am not having to go to the store pretty much everyday. I forgot that I had Honey Dew Melon that I had placed into the freezer and found it the other day and decided I should make something with it but wasn’t too sure, so I ended up standing in front of the refrigerator for a while looking at what  I had and what might taste good together. I had just gotten some Kiwi  and decided that they would be good for this. I am pretty weird when it comes with my kiwi because I enjoy eating them with the skin on. Yeah you are probably thinking I am a total nut but one day when I was driving 5 hours to see family in Texas I needed something to eat and I had some Kiwi so I just bit into it. It really wasn’t bad at all to my surprise, I mean yeah the little hairs on it is a little bit weird feeling but there is not difference in taste at all and come to find out that there is a lot of good things like fiber in it. So don’t be afraid of eating the skin.


Honey Dew Mellon – 2 cups chopped and frozen

Kiwi – 1 

Strawberry – 2 large



So this is pretty simple like all smoothies, just blend all the ingredients and make sure to put the ice in at the end so that it does get watered down. I ended up putting so much ice in mine that it was more of a slushy and that was fine by me! I haven’t had a slushy in such a long time that it re minded me of when I was younger and would walk to the store and see the slushy maker and how  always the blue one was not working at the store down by where I grew up, I really hated never getting to try to blue slushy. Maybe the next time I see one I will have to just try it since when I was a kid I never got to.


This image was selected as a picture of the we...

This image was selected as a picture of the week on the Czech Wikipedia for th week, 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




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