Spagetti Squash Salad W/ Poached Egg

 It was really  warm  today  finally over 60˚ and we got to go to the zoo and look at all of the animals which made for a really nice day. We got to see the sea lions being fed and they did some tricks for their food, I really wanted to be able to take one of them home and put into the pool in the building and go feed it fish every day. The sea lions being fed was really the favorite part of the day beside the fact that I was able to not have a jacket on at all while I was outside today. Can this weather just come on and get warm already.

We even got to see this really tiny deer called a Pudu, I think I fell in love with that tiny thing. I am used to seeing big deer and elk from when my dad would take me hunting and we would clean the deer after. It was really strange seeing a deer like animal that was so tiny and cute. 


 I couldn’t wait to get back home though and eat something and since I had leftover spaghetti squash I made myself this awesome salad.


Cooked Spagetti Squash


Red Bell Pepper


Poached Egg



Red Peper

Pretty much just make the salad the way you would normally would and top with warm spaghetti squash  then topped with a poached egg. There is no need for any salad dressing for this salad with the runny egg yolk as the dressing it is quite tasty and makes for a very healthy and very filling salad. This salad is something that I really love when I have some left over spaghetti squash but am not really wanting to have to cook anything for dinner, this is really easy to throw together.



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