Banana W/ Coconut and Seeds “Cereal”

Trying to come up with a alternative to my granola has been a hard thing to go because I really loved eating a bowl of my Homemade Granola when I wanted something to hold me over till the next meal. There is also something about sitting down with a bowl of cereal and pouring milk over it that is just so satisfying. I have been trying to come up with a no sugar added granola that is just as good or better then my peanut butter granola recipe but I haven’t just perfected it yet so I decided to go down a different area to at least hold me over until I can get it just right.  I started thinking about the things that I like in my granola though and the things I like to top it with and decided to try to just throw all that in a bowl and pour my almond milk over it and see how it tasted. Looking at it at first I thought that this is not going to be as tasty as it looks and will not give me the feeling of eating a cereal, but boy was I wrong on that. The flavor was just amazing and the crunch from the seeds really pulled the whole thing together. 


Banana – 1 sliced

Unsweetened Coconut 

Seeds and Nuts (sunflower, pumpkin, pecans, whatever you may have)

Almond Milk (or any kind of milk you enjoy)

Cinnamon (optional)


Slice up the banana and top with coconut and seeds and nuts with however much that you would like and add the milk of your choice. Grab a spoon and dig in!

I have added different variations adding cinnamon and sometimes adding some sliced strawberries or other berries as well and it has always turned out very well. There are really many different options with this and you can pretty much throw what you have together and see how it turns out but I would make sure to add some crunch to it with the seeds and nuts or it just wont be the same.




2 thoughts on “Banana W/ Coconut and Seeds “Cereal”

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