Lentil Salad W/ Poached Egg



With the warmer weather lately it makes me not want to turn on my oven as much because heating up the house is not something I really care to do. In the winter I bake up a storm just because I am able to turn on my oven and make something yummy as well as heat up the house while I am doing it as well. I am enjoying having the windows open and not having the heat or AC on right now and am trying to take it all in before it starts to get warm and I will keep the shades drawn and will not want to turn my oven on at all. The one great thing about the warmer months is that I tend to make things that are with fresh berries and veggies and on the stove if I have to cook anything but I will be more inclined to just eat a salad because warm food is just not something I want when it is hot outside. Other then crawfish, I will eat pounds and pounds of crawfish after they have been cooked while sitting in the shade of the tree at my parents house anytime! That is the one thing that does not matter how hot it is outside, even when there is sweat dripping down my back I will eat it anyways, plus a nice glass of iced tea or a beer out of the cooler will fix the heat anyways. 



Cabbage – 1 cup 

Onion – 1 

Garlic – 3 cloves

Chicken Bouillon – 1 cube


Alfalfa Sprouts

Egg – 1

Take your lentils  and let them soak in water for about a hour  then drain and rinse them before putting them in a pot  with a glass of water with a dissolved chicken bouillon cube in it. Take the garlic, onion and cabbage and put into the lentils as well and turn up the heat and cook for about 20 minutes. I always end up adding some salt, pepper and some other seasonings to taste such as cayenne pepper because I like my food spicy.

Poach your egg, or if you just do not like poaching eggs you can fry it but make sure that you make the egg over easy so that you are able to use the yolk as the dressing for the salad. 

Place your arugula and sprouts on your plate for however much that you would like and then top with the lentils but do not pour any juice from the lentils onto the salad and then top with the egg and add anymore spices that you may want. The yolk of the egg is what the dressing is and really is wonderful and there is no need for any other type of dressing for this salad. 



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