Gluten & Sugar Free Crepes With Coconut Whipped Cream

Anyone who is a mothers knows that on mother’s day you really just either end up having people try to do things for you and it creates more of a mess that you end up having to clean up later, or you just do everything yourself like it was any other day. I guess there are a few that really do get to just relax and not have a mess to clean up but that is very rare.

I woke up bight and early like every sunday but instead of making pancakes I wanted to do something a bit different so I came up with some awesome crepes that are gluten and sugar free. These were so amazing topped with banana and strawberry and with some coconut whipped cream on top. It was like eating a dessert for breakfast.




Eggs – 2

Almond Milk – 1 cup

Tapioca Flour – 1 cup

Vanilla – 1 tbsp

Whipped Cream

Coconut Milk – 1 can

Vanilla –  1 tbsp

Stevia – 2 packets (or can use honey or any other type of sweetener of your choice)






Take all of the ingredients for the crepes and mix together well and pour 1/4 cup into a hot pan and tilt the pan until the batter is like a very thin pancake. Once the edges have started to pull away from the pan you can flip the crepe and cook the other side. Place the cooked crepe on a plate and cover with a towel to keep warm and continue until all of the crepe batter is cooked.

The Coconut Whipped Cream is something that you will want to start  a couple days before by placing a can of full (not the light) coconut milk in the refrigerator. When ready to make the crepes you will take the coconut milk, make sure to not shake the can any because  the coconut water has separated and is at the bottom of the can. Open the can and spoon out the coconut milk leaving the water at the bottom. Use the Coconut water in a smoothie of your choice so you don’t waste any of the goodness. Take your sweetener and vanilla and add it to the coconut milk and beat until all combined and peaks form. I was able to do this by hand very easy, there is no need to have a machine to do this.

 For the filling take some butter in a pan and put your bananas and cut up strawberries and cook them, if you want you can add brown sugar with will increase the sweetness but I did not do this and they turned out sweet enough without it.

Assemble the crepes by placing the fruit inside topped with the coconut whipped cream and sprinkle with some cinnamon and enjoy the wonderful breakfast.




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