Banana Nutella Egg Rolls

I ended up wanting to make something with the left over egg roll papers that I had and looked up a few things that I could use them for and since I normally have a over abundance of bananas in my house I found that I could put that into the egg rolls with some peanut butter and nutellla and cook them and make a awesome dessert to have. Everyone in the house loved these , the warm banana mixed so well with the melted peanut butter and nutella that it was like heaven in your mouth. The best part about this was that it was very fast and easy to make so it was perfect for a snack as well.



Egg Roll Wrappers – 2

Banana – 1

Peanut Butter


Take your egg roll wrapper and lay it out and put half of the banana into the middle of the wrapped, then scoop some peanut butter and nutella and put it on the banana and close the wrapper like it is instructed on the package of the wrappers. If you don’t have any nutella you can always just put peanut butter in the roll and they taste wonderful or add some chocolate chips as well, the options are really whatever you have on hand.

Take a little pan and pour some oil in it for frying and then place one egg roll at a time in the pan and cook each side till it is golden brown. Be sure to be careful when placing the egg roll into the oil, I ended up burning my finger when I was trying to cook them up. That is what I get when we want a snack super fast and I am not paying close attention to what I am doing. 

I made myself some of these this morning for breakfast even though I know I shouldn’t have but they were just too tempting to not do it. Sometimes you just have to do what your tummy is telling you to do. 




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