Salmon Avocado Sushi With Coconut Cauliflower “Rice”

I haven’t had too much sushi in my life, that I guess is because I am from Texas and I grew up eating squirrel,  fried fish, and well anything that we killed or raised really. Raw food was not something that we ate. One thing that we did was go fishing a lot when I was growing up, weekends my father would wake me and my brother who is a year younger then me up before the sun was up and load us into the truck with the boat in tow. We would head to were we would go fishing and would be on the boat by the time the sun was up. I loved watching my dad take the cast net and caught minnows that we would use as bate for our fishing trip. I loved how they were just really tiny fish and we were using to catch bigger fish, my brother even at a time didn’t like bating the hook with them and I would do it for him. Gosh what a little baby he was about some things. It is funny though because he was really mean to me when we were growing up and would kick over my sand castles that I would make out by our dads shop and act like nothing happened. I know this because my mother set up a video camera once and was taping us play and when she left to go inside for a moment it was still running and was caught on tape, what a mean little brother I had, good thing he is nicer to me now. 



These are two photos of me fishing in the pond that was at my grandparents place, I think this might be the only two pictures of me fishing that I had more then just a diaper or underwear on in the photos. It was always so hot in Texas and keeping clothes on was just uncomfortable, I would even run around without my shoes despite the fact that I would have to sit and pull grass burrs, or as I called it stickers, out of my feet when I would make it to the front porch. I have some pretty tough feet now though and can probably walk on pretty much anything. 

Ok back to the Sushi, I have only had sushi a few handful of times in my life and I remember the first time I had it and was made fun of because I had no idea what it really was or how to eat it properly. I wondered why I was given two sticks to eat with and tried to stab the sushi with it, I ended up placing the chopsticks to the side and just eating it with my finders because I found that more was being dropped on my lap then being placed in my mouth. The second time I had someone who took a little more time at teaching me to use the chopsticks and now I can use them but I still sometimes just use my fingers when my hands get cramped.


Cauliflower – 1/2  head

Smoked Salmon 

Avocado – 1 


Unsweetened Coconut 

Dried Seaweed 

Take the cauliflower  and rice it in the food processor and then place it into a pan with a spoon full of olive oil and coot until it becomes a little sticky. Drizzle a little honey and some coconut into the cauliflower and mix well until the mixture is like sticky rice and set aside to cool. 

Take the smoked Salmon and slice into strips if it is not already done and slice the avocado as well into pieces to fit into the roll.

Place a sheet of the dried seaweed on a plate and put the cooled cauliflower on top leaving part of the edge on one side without anything on it so that it will seal against itself. Then top with a piece of the salmon and avocado and roll tightly onto itself and then slice with a sharp knife into 6 pieces. 


Now all you have to do is place it onto your place and have a side of some wasabi and soy sauce to dip them in and you have sushi at home faster then ordering it to be delivered. It also does not have rice in it so if you are trying to watch your carb intake you are still able to have sushi and get very filled up and feel like you are eating rice but without really doing so. You wont feel like you are eating cauliflower at all in it and I ended up making 11 rolls for the price that I would have spent on getting 1 roll at any sushi restaurant in NYC.



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